Viola da gamba 6 strings Barack Norman model 2017 production

Making process

Viola da gamba 6 corde produzione 2017

Viola da gamba basso 6 strings, English model, inspired by Barack Norman

Oil varnish, colour old yellow

Lenght of the body: 67,2 cm

String Lenght: 69,5 cm

Max top width: 30,2 cm

Min width at cc bouts: 23,3 cm

Max lower width: 39,2 cm

Top: Val di fiemme flamed spruce. quarter sawn, two jointed parts, medium grain

Back: Flamed Balkanian maple, quarter sawn, two jointed parts, medium grain, medium flame

Head end ribs: flamed balkanian maple, regular grain , regular flame veneered keyboard

Particular signs: inlay on the head and on the tailpiece