Viola da gamba 6 strings Barak Norman model 2017 production

“Viola built to order and personalized in the carvings on the curl and decorations on the tailpiece, according to the personal taste of the musician who commissioned it, typical ornaments of the English luthiers of the 1600s.

Instrument with large body, full basses and deep sound, ideal for English consort and basso continuo.”

Viola da gamba 6 corde produzione 2017

Viola da gamba basso 6 strings, English model, inspired by Barak Norman

Oil varnish, colour old yellow

Lenght of the body: 67,2 cm

String Lenght: 69,5 cm

Max top width: 30,2 cm

Min width at cc bouts: 23,3 cm

Max lower width: 39,2 cm

Top: Val di fiemme flamed spruce. quarter sawn, two jointed parts, medium grain

Back: Flamed Balkanian maple, quarter sawn, two jointed parts, medium grain, medium flame

Head end ribs: flamed balkanian maple, regular grain , regular flame veneered keyboard

Particular signs: inlay on the head and on the tailpiece

Making process