Viola da gamba 6 strings Barak Norman model 2022 production

“This bass viola da gamba, with six strings, English model, Barak Norman, was built on the customer’s request.

Characteristic elements are the carvings and decorations made with purfling inserts on top, back and ribs.

Rich in carvings is also the sculpted head made on the model of the original. It is typical to find these specific ornamental motifs in English instruments.”

Viola da gamba 6 corde modello Barak Norman division, production 2022

Viola da gamba division, inspired By a Barak Norman Model

Oil varnish, colour yellow

Lenght of the body : 66,5cm

Strings lenght: 69

Max top width: 30,8 cm

Min width at cc bouts: 23 cm

Max lower width: 38 cm

Top: Val di fiemme spruce, two jointed parts. Broad grain, flaming, with purfling inlays 

Flat Back: Two-piece spliced Balkan maple narrow grain with purfling inlays

Balkan maple neck with carved head and relief decorations

Ribs: Balkan maple with purfling inlay in all its parts

Ebony veneer maple fingerboard and tailpiece with purfling inlays