Violin model Rugeri – 2019 production

” Violin inspired by a 1686 model by Francesco Rugeri from Cremona known as “Il Per” Violin maker (c. 1628 – 1698), contemporary luthier of Amati, both from Cremona.

A more delicate style can be recognized in the slimmer profile, predating the shapes of later Cremonese instruments such as those of Antonio Stradivari.

It has a soft and delicate character also in “effe” holes and in the scroll.

Agile and light violin.”

Violin inspired by Francesco Rugeri

Oil varnish orange yellow “antichizzata”

Particular sign: Fiber deflection on the upper board on the top, treble side.

Lenght of the body: 35,4 cm

Diapason instrument:  326 mm

Max top width: 16,5 cm

Min width at cc bouts: 11 cm

Max lower width: 20,2cm

Top: Val di Fiemme spruce, quarter sawn, two jointed parts. Medium grain

Back: Flamed Balkanian maple, quarter sawn, two jointed parts, narrow grain, medium flame

Head and ribs: flamed Balkanian maple, regular grain, regular flame

Making Process