Violin inspired by Stradivari model – Production 2019

“Classic model of the Cremonese School, Antonio Stradivari, velvety timbre and comfortable handle. Built according to the techniques of classical violin making.

The model is inspired by the violin “messiah” 1716, I believe the best period of the luthier.

The original is in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. It is considered one of the best preserved violins and arrived intact to date.

Quartet video You can listen to the instrument in quartet like Violin I, together with the other string instruments built by me”

Violin inspired by Stradivari Model – Production 2019


Lenght of the body: 35,5 cm

Diapason instrument:  327,5 mm

Max top width: 16,5 cm

Min width at cc bouts: 11 cm

Max lower width: 20,6cm

Top: Val di Fiemme spruce, quarter sawn, two jointed parts. Narrow grain

Back: Flamed Balkanian maple, quarter sawn, two jointed parts, medium grain, medium flame

Head and ribs: flamed Balkanian maple, regular grain, regular flame