Cello Baroque 5 Gut strings 2020 production

“This cello model is inspired by the shape of the 5-string cello of the Amati brothers but has been redesigned in its length and diapason of string to allow the addition of the fifth string on the high note.

It is a baroque cello mounted with gut strings, naked and covered. The tuning of the instrument is as follows C G D a e.

The feature that makes it special is that it allows you to perform violin and cello repertoire.”

Violoncello barocco a 5 cordeĀ  Modello Fratelli Amati, CELLO BAROQUE 5 GUT STRINGS produzione 2020

Cello baroque 5 gut strings inspired by Fratelli Amati

Oil varnish antiqued , colour, yellow

Body lenght : 70 cm

String lenght: 64,5 cm

Top Val di Fiemme spruce, quarter sawn, two jointed parts, medium grains

Back Flamed Balkanian maple, quarter sawn, two jointed parts, medium grain, medium flamed

Head and ribs: flamed balkanian maple, regular grain.

Veneered fingerboard